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Bypass Userscript
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Install Userscript
You need a Userscript-Extension to use our userscript! Instructions are below!
Speed up the Linkvertise bypass process by installing the bypass userscript. The Userscript can help circumvent bypass protections from services such as fluxus, codex, etc.

How to install a Userscript-Extension for your Browser ?

User scripts enhance web browsing by customizing the appearance and functionality of websites, but they require userscript extensions to run because browsers do not natively execute these scripts. Below, you'll find guides and common methods to get started with userscript extensions.

After installing any one of the extensions listed above you can install the userscript on the top of this page. If the installation was successful, after reloading the page, you should see a message at the top. You can now bypass any linkvertise link. Happy bypassing!